How do I Setup the Premium Domains Product?
Posted by Justin Thomas on 14 May 2015 01:08:01 PM

You need to set up the following, to sell Premium Domains to your Customers and Sub-Resellers.


Activate the Premium Domains Product for your Reseller Account


Step 1: Login to your Control Panel. See details


Step 2: In the Menu, point to Settings and then click Manage Products and Pricing.




Step 3: Click the Domain Registration link.




Step 4: Click the Sell Premium Domains link.




Step 5: To enable sale of Premium Domains: select the Enable option.




To disable the sale of Premium Domains previously enabled, select the Disable option.


Step 6: Click the Update button.

Set up the Buy Flow


  • SuperSite: Content related to Premium Domains is located in the below files:

    • Products -> Domain -> Domain_registration -> Check_availability_new -> Domain_search_result.html

    • Misc -> Misc_messages.txt

If you have made any modifications to these files, you need to update them to include the changes related to Premium Domains.

  • API: Integrate the following API calls in your website -

    • Check Availability: Returns a list of Premium Domains based on the specified keyword. Read more

    • Domain Transfer: Once the Customer adds a Premium Domain to the shopping cart and makes the payment, a Domain Transfer call needs to be placed for the Premium Domain. Read more

Enabling Premium Domains for your Sub-Resellers


  • Control Panel: Your Sub-Resellers can activate the Premium Domains Product for their respective Accounts from within their Reseller Control Panel. It is the same process as explained in the first section above.

  • API: Integrate the following API calls in your website -

    • Activate Premium Domains: Signs up the Sub-Reseller for the Premium Domains Product. Read more

    • Getting Premium Domains Signup Status: Returns the Premium Domains Product Signup status for the specified Sub-Reseller. Read more



  • You may only choose to sell / not sell Premium Domains. You cannot set the Selling Price for Premium Domains.

  • You as a Reseller, your Sub-Resellers and the end Customer will be charged the same Price for a Premium Domain.

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