Add Multiple Email Users
Posted by Justin Thomas on 12 May 2015 06:12:56 PM

For your users to start using the email service, you need to create user accounts for them. While you can add accounts for each user one at a time, it would be a tiresome process if the number of users using the accounts was very high.

An easier way of creating a large number of accounts at once is to use the Bulk User addition tool. All you need to do is -

  1. Create a CSV (comma-separated value) file containing details of all your users. You can create this file using such software as Microsoft Office Excel, or Calc. To further simplify this, you can use the sample file available in your control panel. Just go to Mail >> Add Bulk Users, and click on download a sample file.
  2. Add the following details for all your users in this file
    1. Username - the email address that you want your user to have, e.g. if you wish John Smith to have the email, you need to add the username as john.smith.
    2. First and Last name
    3. Password - could be any password you wish to specify for the user. (This is optional, the system will automatically generate a password for a user if one is not provided.)
    4. Country code - the short-code for the country where the user is based, e.g. US for the United States, IN for India
    5. Alternate Email - an alternative email address, where the user could be sent important information about their primary email address.
  3. Save this file on your computer.
  4. Upload this saved file to your account. To do so, go to Mail >> Add Bulk Users, click on
    Browse and select the saved file.
  5. Once the file has been uploaded (this may take some time, depending upon the number of users you've added), the entire list will be displayed on the page. If you are satisfied that the accounts are in order, click on Confirm and Upload.

It may take a while for the accounts to be created, depending on the number of users you have uploaded. You will receive an email confirmation once the accounts are added.

Remember to inform your users once their accounts have been added and provide them the username and password to access their account.

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