Procedure to increase the disk quota/inode of a domain temporarily
Posted by Varsha Girijan on 08 July 2019 12:08:15 PM
In some cases we may have to increase the disk quota or inode of a domain temporarily. This is mostly in cases where the suspension/unsuspension is stuck due to quota getting exceeded. Kindly follow the steps given below in such cases:

1. Note the current disk quota.

sudo quota -s -g <cPanel_user_name>

2.  Modify the disk quota.

setquota -g $cPanel_user_name <size in KB> <size in KB> <total inodes> <total inodes> -a /

3. Ensure that fields "size in KB" are having the same value.
total inodes remains 250000.

For example: To increase the disk quota to 100 GB.

sudo setquota -g bafnagjm 104857600 104857600 250000 250000 -a /

You can use the link "" for GB to KB conversion.

4. Verify the changes again with below command

sudo quota -s -g <cPanel_user_name>

5. Revert back the changes after the work is done (processing the suspension/unsuspension) using previous setquota command and original quota setting values as noted before.
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