"550 No such user here" bounceback due to incorrect Email Routing settings
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Email Routing options in cPanel define how incoming emails are handled by the server. cPanel offers 3 setup options for Email Routing.

1.Local Mail Exchanger.

This setup is to be used when the MX records of the domain point to the Web hosting server itself i.e the domain uses the email functionality offered by the cPanel installation on that server.

2. Remote Mail Exchanger

This setup is to be used when the domain uses an external email service, for example, Gsuite or any of our Email Hosting plans.

3. Backup Mail Exchanger

This setup is used when the MX record of the domain with lower priority points to the web hosting server.

You can refer to the link below:


If the Email Routing is incorrectly configured, you may receive the below bounceback messages while sending emails to accounts of your domain.

The bouncebacks will occur if :

1. The MX records point to the cPanel server but the Email Routing is set to "Remote Mail Exchanger" in cPanel. (
This is usually the case if your ‘Web and Email hosting’ plan is split and you have migrated to using emails in cPanel).

2. The domain uses Remote MX records (such as Gsuite) but the Email Routing is set to “Local Mail Exchanger” in cPanel.

You will need to change the Email Routing settings in cPanel to Remote Mail Exchanger or Local Mail Exchanger based on your current MX record setup. This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Login to cPanel and navigate to the Emails Tab
  2. Click On Email Routing
  3. Select the appropriate option for your domain.
Please check the below instructions:

Note: You will need to wait for up to 30 minutes for the changes to reflect.

In case the issue/error persists, our knowledge base is available 24/7 to help you find answers. You can also contact support through your preferred channel.

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