Site Resolution issues with DNSSEC enabled
Posted by Hasan B on 30 January 2019 11:52:21 AM

You may face issues with website resolution due to the error  “Server IP Address not found”  from certain locations while using our Plesk or cPanel hosting nameservers. After the DNS propagation has completed which is around 24-48 hours, you will need to check if the records are being fetched by all the major DNS resolvers worldwide. You can check the same from URL: >> A Record and select "All Resolvers".

If the records are being partially fetched by only a few resolvers and not by major resolvers like Google, Cloudflare, etc, you will need to check the WHOIS record of your Website to see if DNSSEC is enabled. The Whois record can be checked from URL:

Please check the below snippet.

The above tag shows DNSSEC enabled for the domain queried.

Enabling DNSSEC creates a digital signature for each set of DNS records and the pair of Public and Private keys are stored in the authoritative nameservers of the domain.

Our Linux (cPanel) and Windows (Plesk) nameservers currently do not support DNSSEC due to which some resolvers like Google, Cloudflare etc., are unable to verify the records and thus do not return any response. You need to disable DNSSEC at your domain Registrar’s end.

If the domain is registered with us and would like to delete the DNSSEC records for that domain, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps via Orderbox control panel.

  1. Login to the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Select Products > List All Orders > Click on the domain name: yourdomain.tld.
  3. On the Overview Page, scroll down to Domain Registration and click on DNSSEC link.
  4. On the new window, click on the Delete link to delete the record.

Depending upon TTL set for SOA, the DNSSEC will be removed from the package within 4-6 hours.

In case the issue/error persists, post disabling DNSSEC our knowledge base is available 24/7 to help you find answers, or please contact support through your preferred channel.

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