How to set up custom nameservers (VPS and Dedicated servers)
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Unlike our shared hosting plans, using a VPS/ Dedicated server requires you to use your own nameservers to manage your DNS records.

Here are the steps that you would go through to set up Custom Nameservers.

1: Configuring the Name Server

Log in to your server’s WHM interface and find the navigation section on the left called Basic cPanel & WHM Setup, under Server Configuration.

At the bottom, you will find the Nameservers section.

When you load the above screen for the first time you may see that two nameservers, using the same domain name as the server’s hostname, are already in place. If this is the case skip to next step. If there are no nameservers listed here then we will need to create them. Type the name of the nameserver you wish to set up and click the Configure Address Records

You will be returned to the screen as shown below showing your new nameserver and the option to enter the new IP addresses.

You need to have at least two nameserver names configured, so repeat this step to create your second nameserver.

2: Registering the Custom Nameservers.

These are called Glue Records and it will be done at the registrar level of the domain. Each registrar will have a little different terminology and procedure, but what you need to do is create a host name on your domain name and assign an IP address to that host name.  A host name on a domain is the third level name. An example of a host name is “ns1”. Adding this to our domain name we will need to register “” to the IP address of your server.

3: Update your domains to use the new nameservers you have set up.

The final step in creating your own nameservers is to start using them by correctly pointing your domain(s). Log in to your registrar and edit the assigned name servers so that it now points at your new nameserver names.

Please note that there will be a propagation delay of 24 to 48 for the changes to get reflected across the globe. So if the downtime is a critical issue for your domain we recommend you make this during a weekend or late at night when traffic is likely to be low.

Now your domain is pointing at your server’s nameservers you can use the DNS tools in the WHM and cPanel interfaces to modify your zone files!

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