I raised a debit note in my sub-reseller's account. Where is the money gone?
Posted by Payal D on 20 July 2016 12:23:23 PM

As a reseller, you have certain options that assist you in managing the accounts of your clients.

A few of them include adding a receipt, a debit note or an invoice. In all of these cases, only the client’s account is affected and no corresponding changes will be visible in your account with ResellerClub.

All such manual additions are accounting entries and hence will not be associated with any action.

Hence, when you raise a debit note, only your sub-reseller’s available balance will be reduced by that amount. This is especially useful if you wish to bill a reseller for miscellaneous services provided outside the system. To reverse the effect of this debit note, you can add an infinite amount into your client’s account by adding a receipt/credit note. This will only increase the available balance of the client’s account. This can be useful when you have received a payment outside the system.


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