Deleting Email Accounts from your Business Email Order
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You may delete Email Accounts from your Business Email Order, from within your Control Panel.

  • Email Account(s) currently in use cannot be delete through the process mentioned below. Such Email Account(s) need to be deleted from the Email Administration interface.

  • Deletion of Email Account(s) will not result in any refund.

To Delete Email Accounts from an Business Email Order

  1. Login to your Control Panel, Search for the domain name for which you have purchased the Business Email Order and go to the Order Information view.

  2. Click the Delete Email Account(s) link.


    If your Business Email Order has Expired, you will not be able to delete Email Accounts, until you have Renewed your existing Order.

  3. Mention the number of Accounts to be deleted.

  4. Click the Delete Now button.

  5. Confirm the deletion by clicking the OK button.

You may refer our short screencast showing how to delete an unused Business or Enterprise Email account.

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